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Let BNB-NORF, LLC help you survive these uncertain times, in the economy created by the unfortunate global pandemic



The MO3 SECTOR®️ TRAINING CENTER, we help prepare veterans, returning servicemembers, unemployed/underemployed individuals, returning citizens, and older workers looking to re-tool their skills to enter the new and growing workforce created by the global pandemic that has stricken the global economy, by offering a wide range of industry-driven training courses and continuing education classes that includes online, virtual classroom theory, hands-on training, and field experience (consistent with the current pandemic guidelines providing for safe in person meetings). The MO3 SECTOR®️ TRAINING CENTER  training and continuing education courses are accredited and taught by industry approved and certified instructors. Our instructors are also qualified to give required exams that all successful trainees will become graduates with portable and stackable credentials recognized nationwide to build and/or start a career in solar, HVAC, residential energy efficiency, or green construction. Our industry standard training and recertification is provided to professional Contractors, business owners, and independent contractors.


BNB-NORF provides grant based courses for individuals with a high school diploma/GED who are unemployed /underemployed, low income, or returning citizens. Reach out to see if you qualify.

         -must be a resident of Philadelphia or surrounding county

         -18 years or older

         -H.S. Degree or GED Required

         -Register as a WIOA or EARN customer through PA CareerLink

         -Pass drug screen and physical assessment


Services We Provide

Our services range from TRAINING TO JOB PLACEMENT to individuals and/or businesses who are underrepresented, underserved, underdeveloped. This includes individuals and businesses who are apart of a community that falls into one of these categories. If you are a veteran, transitioning servicemember, unemployed/underemployed individual, returning citizen an/or older worker seeking to re-tool your skills and need assistance in preparing to enter or remain in the growing workforce created by the global pandemic created economy do not hesitate to contact our office and speak with one of our knowledgeable client care staff members.

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